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    15th State in the Union (June 1, 1792)
    Presidents from Kentucky:
    Abraham Lincoln, 16th U. S. President from 1861 – 1865
    Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy from 1861 – 1865
    Ulysses S. Grant, 18th U.S. President from 1869 – 1877, he was born in Ohio, but raised in Ky, home of his family. His mother (in her 9th month of pregnancy) had traveled from Ky. across the Ohio River, which flooded, and Grant was born there.
    Zachary Taylor, 12th U.S. President from 1849 – 1850, he was born in Virginia, but moved as an infant near Louisville, and grew up in Kentucky.
    The Civil War: Kentucky was a neutral State during the Civil War, it never succeeded from the Union, but lost the most soldiers of any State
    State Flower: The State flower is the Goldenrod
    State Tree: The State tree is the Kentucky Coffee Tree
    State Song: The State Song is My Old Kentucky Home
    State Motto: The State Motto is “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”
    State Bird:State bird is the cardinal

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