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Hi everyone! Welcome to thegovernorsoffice.com. For those of you who know us well, you’re probably already familiar with our affection for the great Commonwealth of Kentucky and most certainly the Kentucky Derby. Our website is brand new and we hope to have some fun with it. On the site you’ll find links to various Kentucky related topics of interest, and get a glimpse of our own brand of Bluegrass wisdom and appreciation. Kentuckians are unique in their character, proud of their state, and friendly -down to earth type of people. Kentuckians have a nationality about them which they carry well beyond the borders of the Commonwealth. They are “common folk” – but have produced some of the world’s best known individuals and most incredible leaders. The land of good whisky, fast horses, and beautiful women, is also a land of beautiful countryside, strong wills, and glorious traditions. There are no places on earth quite like Mammouth Cave, the Appalachian Mountains in eastern Kentucky, game time at Rupp Arena, or (my favorite) the sacred soil of Keeneland.

Checkout the site – we just started, so give us a little time to really add some pizzazz and polish to it. We hope you enjoy it.


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