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Rose and I hosted out first Kentucky Derby party together in 1997. Before meeting Rose, I held several parties for years that were more on the order of beer, guys, and pretzels. Since meeting Rose the party has clearly risen to another stratosphere in terms of the food, drinks, # of guests, and various other amenities.

The Kentucky Derby is like a national Holiday in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and Kentucky Derby parties are (and should be) a celebration of all that is right and good in our great state. The motto of our party has become “God Bless The Commonwealth” which more aptly translates to God bless our common wealth – which is our shared family, faith, friendships, well-being, etc. God bless our common being and fellowship together.

After that first event together, we sat back and thought – this was fun! It was the first time that all of Rose’s family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc., and mine, were all together (sort of like the list of people you might invite to your wedding) at one gathering. Many people already have their own already established traditions for (certainly) celebrating the religious Holidays (Christmas, Easter, etc.), and likely for the national Holidays too (4th of July, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, etc.). As mentioned above, the Kentucky Derby is a national Holiday here and so we decided to make this our thing, our tradition, and use it to anoint and celebrate our family, friendships, and those we feel connected to. Rick and Rose’s Derby Party is not a business or political event, nor is it a reciprocation to anyone for anything. When asked, “who do we invite to such an undertaking?”, the answer is always the same – people we like! That’s our story