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    Ohio River: Kentucky owns the Ohio River. The State of Ohio is named after the river and Kentucky graciously allows the Buckeyes 5 feet of right-of-way from the Ohio shore.
    Bourbon: Bourbon is the world’s finest straight sour mash whisky. The climate and primarily the limestone in the soil and water around the central Kentucky region (including Bourbon County) make it ideal for producing this famous libation, which has subsequently become known as bourbon. It’s not bourbon if it’s not from Kentucky.
    Fort Knox: Ft. Knox – Kentucky can claim to be the country’s richest state because the largest % of U.S. gold reserves are stored at Ft. Knox. No visitors allowed.
    Population: = 4,041,769 (12/00), 25th in the U.S.
    Famous Kentuckians: Mohammed Ali, George Clooney, Robert Penn Warren, Diane Sawyer, Duncan Hines, Santa Claus, Harold “Pee Wee” Reese, Secretariat, Jesus Christ, Loretta Lynn, Alben Barkley, Wynonna, Naomi, and Ashley Judd, Ned Beatty, Mother Therese, William Conrad, Happy Chandler, Rick Lux, Don & Phil Everly, Paul McCartney, Casey Jones, Billy Ray Cyrus, Jim Bunning, Shaun Alexander, Paul Hornung, Dave Cowens, Edgar Cayce, Husband E. Kimmel, Ghandi, Judge Roy Bean, Christopher Columbus,
    Counties: Kentucky has 120 counties - 98 are dry (no alcohol).
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